Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Night in the Garden


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There is nothing like unwinding on a Friday night in the garden. After a busy week there is no other place I'd rather be than in my own backyard.

For me it looks something like this... prepare a simple meal, turn on some music (loud enough to hear out back), pour myself a drink and then out into the garden I go. Tonight there was pesto pasta and salad for dinner, our local jazz station on the radio and a G&T with extra lemon.

I had picked up some sorrel,"lacianato" kale and "bright lights" swiss chard plants this week and was itching to get them in to the ground before the forecasted rains. I tucked some in pots and planters and amongst the perennials. I seeded some more greens, weeded and cleaned out the chicken coop.
The storm came earlier than expected but I was able to get the last few plants in.

There is still dirt under my fingernails and I can hear the rain watering my newly planted crops. The perfect way to start the weekend.


  1. I can not get swiss chard started to save my life. Makes me sad because I love it- both to eat and to look at!

  2. such a beautiful post! I feel like I can smell the rainwater/fresh air all the way from here :)

  3. This sounds so lovely! Rain on fresh plantings is such a beautiful thing. And garden drinks and jazz are icing on the cake. Thanks for sharing!