Friday, May 6, 2011

swiss chard

swiss chard,
oh how i love thee!
your dark crinkly leaves
and your bright colored stems.
you are a true gem in the garden.

can you tell that i love swiss chard?

i love this green for so many reasons.
one of them being it’s beauty in the garden.
due to my limited growing space you will not find swiss chard growing in neat little rows (or any vegetables for that matter) but rather tucked in among my perennial flowers, and in pots and planters.
i like the “bright lights” variety with stems of many colors including gold, pink, orange, purple, red, and white.

a member of the beet family, swiss chard is the perfect green to grow for beginner gardeners. a hardy green with few pest problems, it can grow from spring until frost providing a continuous supply of delicious leaves.

i am always searching for edibles that can handle shady conditions. yet another reason why i adore this green which can withstand both full sun and part shade.

but the best part about swiss chard is the flavor. a mild, nutritious green similar to spinach, swiss chard (stems and all) is wonderful in omelettes, soups, stewed in with beans and tomatoes, or just simply sautéed with olive oil and loads of garlic.

but our favorite way here, quick and easy, is it playing the starring role in a smoothie.

did i mention that i love swiss chard?


  1. a beautiful ode, amy! i definitely plan to plant some chard (and kale) amongst other plants this year, especially since i have so much shady area. my chards are still only about an inch or two tall though- i feel so behind!

  2. me too .. so much ..lovely tribute

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