Friday, September 2, 2011


i adore kale.
i can honestly say it is one of my favorite vegetables.
i enjoy red russian, and curly but i have a extra fondness for dinosaur or lacianato kale.
i love it's blue-green color and it's towering stature in the garden.
i used to always cook kale but was once at a picnic where a friend had brought a raw kale salad that was absolutely delicious.
i could not stop eating it to the point that i was a bit embarrassed after the third helping.
of course i jumped at the offering of bringing home the leftovers that night and found that it tasted even better the next day.
i have since altered the recipe to our liking.

kale salad
1 large bunch kale rinsed, de-stemmed and chopped up fine (curly or lacianato)
2 or 3 carrots shredded
1 red pepper diced
1 cup sliced almonds

3/4 cup olive oil
1 small shallot minced
3 tbs fresh ginger root, peeled then minced
1 clove garlic sliced
3 tbs fresh lime juice
2 tbs rice wine vinegar
2 tbs toasted sesame oil
3 tbs chopped cilantro
zest of 1 lime
black pepper and salt to taste

combine ingredients and dress.
it tastes best if it can sit for an hour before eating
but i have been impatient and have also enjoyed it right away.


  1. That sounds delicious. I also grow lacianato kale,what a lovely color it is. So very good for the health of your eyes!

  2. i love a good kale salad. looking forward to trying your recipe.

  3. I wouldn't have thought of using it for salad?? sounds great - we did kale chips in the oven last year which was fun. We had a kavalo nero kale last for 3 years - got to about 1m tall.

  4. Thank you for this recipe--I love raw kale salad, too, and have used a recipe from Feeding the Whole Family--am looking forward to trying a new one!