Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hope everyone is enjoying the spring after this long winter here in Philadelphia it’s such a relief.

Flowers from the garden

Baby columbine

I wanted to mention that I really love reading about the Tend gardeners all over the country. It makes me travel while I am kind of stuck in my home with my newborn. 
Those beautiful gardens are dreamy--- so much space !

Here in our backyard the biggest challenge is space. As we don’t have much of it, we have to optimize space by choosing very carefully where to plant. Every year we definitely get better at it.

This morning I was looking at the garden out of the kitchen window and I could see the birds coming to take some hay to make their nest, they were so many. We must provide nest materials for the whole neighborhood...

 This week I want to present you my new addition to the garden which I received in the mail. They are espaliers trees and I got them from a nursery that specializes in this very European way of growing fruit trees. Espalier is an antique way of pruning the trees to get them to grow flat against a wall or to create a fence for a decorative purpose or fruits. It is great for a small space. The ones I ordered are 2 single cordon pear trees, a Bosc and a Duchesse d’Angouleme. They are against a neighboring wall next to our raspberries. Let me show you how we planted them…

I cannot wait to see them grow and bloom...


  1. Espalier would be a good name for people who are waiting to get picked up for day labor.

  2. i love espalier trees! I'm obsessed! Hopefully my garden will be planted with them soon.

    1. Yes ! They have a lot of different shapes I hope you'll find some you like soon Sheila.