Monday, July 13, 2015

July Blooms

I've had such a busy summer with family visiting from out of state, my garden has taken a back seat lately.  We've had such unusually warm and dry weather here in Seattle, keeping up with the watering has been difficult.  Things are pretty crunchy out there, but that hasn't stopped some of my perennials from blooming.  Times like these, I'm grateful for the tried, true and hardy varieties I have planted.  Some of the more fragile plants I have growing have already withered away for the season.  For now, I'm enjoying these lovely blooms.

 dahlias, shasta daisies and joe-pye weed.

i planted this shasta daisy last year.  it has already spread so much, i think i'll need to thin it out next spring.

the columbine has already faded, i leave the pods to dry so i can reseed.

 thalicturm (meadow rue) is not quite as lush as last year, but still flourishing.

 yarrow, more shasta daisies and camellia


  1. Your garden is blooming and so is my mood. I feel refreshed after reading your blog and planning to have my own garden. It feels good to be around flowers.


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