Friday, May 17, 2013

full swing in the garden

Untitled Although our house is under major construction right now and i may have to hop over a ladder or straddle a pile of lumber to weed and plant, it is not keeping me from being out in the garden. Untitled after visiting chanticleer last week, i came home inspired to try new things, one of which was to play around with willow. willow branches are very pliable and root very easily making beautiful living structures. you can watch a little video by martha here to see how to make a living fence. i just dug up a boxwood hedge which was not doing so well and plan to make this type of fence to replace the hedge. for now my mother had a few bunches of willow that she rooted in a bucket of water which i used to make a simple little fence to weave around a bed of newly planted herbs by the bunny hutch to keep little feet from trampling them. Untitled
the dinosaur kale is growing well among the perennial flowers. i can't wait for fresh raw kale salad! Untitled last summer a friend gave me a peach tree which he had potted up a few years back. it had sprouted up in his compost pile from a peach pit and now it lives in the front of our house along the strip between the sidewalk and the street where it can soak up full sun. it is dripping with fruit! i still need to read a little more about growing and pruning peach trees. oh i am dreaming of peach cobbler! Untitled this week i bought a few asparagus plants and referred back to abby's post since i have never grown asparagus before. one obstacle i have with growing asparagus is that i do not have a place for it to grow all by itself in it's own bed. but i am going to be daring like i have with all of my edibles and try to grow it amongst some other things and see how it does. it can't hurt to try right? Untitled i also bought a beautiful healthy rhubarb plant to plop right in the middle of my front garden which gets loads of sun. i am going to keep this off the beaten path of people passing by on the sidewalk since the leaves are toxic. Untitled the rainbow swiss chard i planted in pots is growing strong and looks beautiful among the pansies and succulents.
the alliums are in full bloom. Untitled
and the strawberries are flowering making our mouths water for smoothies and crumbles.

what's growing in your garden these days?


  1. Your garden is lovely, and I love how everything is mixed together- that is what we are attempting to do in our yard. We are just in the beginning stages, though.

  2. It is Autumn in New Zealand at present, my winter garden doesn't get much sun, but I have a few tried and tested plants growing. Rhubarb of course, though that grows all year round here. rainbow chard and perennial spinach, celery, parsley and for the first time I am trying broad beans. You can see my blog post here:

    Love seeing all your photos.

  3. I bet your asparagus will do just fine planted amongst the rest. We do have two dedicated asparagus patches but there are volunteers thriving all around the rest of our garden, so I'm thinking yours will be fine mixed in.

    Your house renovation looks so exciting!

  4. I love that you are planting asparagus anyway! I bet it will do fine as well. And the story of how that peach tree came to be... so great.