Thursday, June 19, 2014

Rose petal and jasmine flower jam

We have a very fragrant rose bush. I have been meaning to try to make something with it for a couple years now and I never did it.
Only because when the flowers are in bloom I have no time or just when I want to use them they are done.

So I decided to give it a try one evening I just picked a bunch of flowers and started a rose petal jam using this recipe. ( link to recipe )
With the little time I have I really needed to make something fast, so believe me it is fast...

I obviously didn't have enough petals to follow the recipe I found online but I experimented with it.

First, I briefly washed the petals with water to get the potential bugs out. Then I put the petals in a bowl added the juice of a lemon and cover the petals with sugar.

I covered the bowl for the night and let it at room temperature.

That's when I decided to also add some Jasmine flowers, I picked the ones that were in bloom and added it to the petals for the night.

 In the morning I started to boil a cup of water added the flowers and a cup and a half of sugar. I let it on the medium low for 15 minutes then added 1/4 of a teaspoon of pectin.
I kept on stirring until it started to get a little thicker.
Poured in the jars and let it sit .


It tastes delicious !!! It was my first time so next time I'll get better at it.

I didn't can it, it was so little of it, I will keep it in the fridge.

Hope you will give it a try !


  1. I did this recently, too--
    Can't wait to try it!
    Could you taste the jasmine?

    1. Thanks for sharing ! And yes we could taste the jasmine a little bit but it tastes mostly like roses. I think it is a matter of proportions...

  2. I made this a few years ago. I think I'll make some syrup. . .