Friday, June 20, 2014

Joy in the Garden

 I wandered around my garden today and realized just how many things are bringing me joy out there!
The fig tree that I bought this winter as a houseplant (but wasn't very happy) is now coming back to life as it takes a summer vacation outdoors. IMG_4408 IMG_4409
We had our flowering cherries pruned back this spring which has allowed for much more light to filter in to the side of our house (which was pretty much full shade). The plants are filling in and my window boxes have never been happier! IMG_4410
There is a sea of sunshine blooming bright in my front hillside garden. Coreopsis is such a happy plant.
. IMG_4411
Curly kale growing in harmony amongst the Lambs Ear. IMG_4412
 A robust crop of Horseradish to be harvested this fall. IMG_4413
The first of the gooseberry harvest. IMG_4417
A Black Eyed Susan vine finds it's way.IMG_4421
The living roof atop the bunny hutch is lush and beautiful full of succulents and herbs. IMG_4425
The Yarrow has begun to bloom. IMG_4427
And the purple bush beans are flowering.

What is bringing you joy in your garden?

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  1. I envy your spot for shady window boxes; coleus is so striking! Gosh, what *doesn't* bring me joy in my garden? :) I'm in love with my chamomile right now. One of little Sebastian's many jobs in the garden is to harvest the flowers and he comes to bed smelling like a cup of chamomile tea. Of course, I'm always in love with my zinnias, so rich and vibrant! Our climbing hydrangea is in full bloom and halfway up the brick wall side of the house. Really, I think our lawn of white clover is bringing me the most joy right now; it's such a contrast to the neighbors' boring and useless (to pollinators) plain grass. It's literally buzzing with life, smells so sweet, and is such a joy to look at and lay in. :)