Wednesday, June 18, 2014

oh, how quickly our gardens grow!

a few nights ago right before bed, i was scrolling through instagram & as those things usually go, i happened upon our farm hashtag #freckledhenfarm. i love using instagram to organize photos & it's such a fun way to track the progress of a specific project or season. as soon as i came across the photo below, i was amazed! 

below is our garden just 8 weeks ago:

this is our garden this morning:

i am amazed at how quickly our garden has progressed in just two short months. this is our first year tending to this garden & it's been such a gift to watch it grow. 

i thought i would take you on a little tour of our garden happenings:

cabbage is ready to harvest & our flowers are doing so well. three weeks of rain does wonders!

we're harvesting small handfuls of sungold cherry tomatoes every day.

it's truly summer here with the taste of fresh basil! we've been a little neglectful on trellising our cucumbers. that's a project for another day, i suppose! 

we're slowly adding homemade tomato cages to our 48 tomatoes. the perennial flower bed is looking so lovely. friends, this is the garden of my dreams!

if you would like to follow along & share the progress of your garden, leave a comment with the link!

- natalie


  1. Natalie, we had our first hornworm in the garden this week. I'm trying to go through the tomatoes and check them for bugs, slugs, caterpillars, and hornworms… how do you go about it when you have so many tomatoes? As soon as our tomatoes start turning red something eats them. So we are picking them green and ripening them indoors. So sad.

    1. Courtney, my husband & I just keep a very close watch on our tomatoes. Some years we've had terrible luck & other years different predators have called our attention.

  2. Natalie your garden looks awesome !