Friday, May 9, 2014

Life in the Garden is Always in Focus.

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Sometimes as I wander around my garden it seems as if there is not much new happening out there. 
Now I know that this can not be true but it can feel as if I have on foggy glasses and everything looks a bit out of focus.
This could be a reflection of my own life and how it can feel a bit blurry at times. But life in the garden is never blurry. It is sharp, and crisp and always in focus. We just need to stop and look.

When I am having one of those fuzzy days I like to crouch down low and pretend to be a snail or a fairy (yes I do believe) to find a whole new world, a magical world. When I turn from a giant and get down to the same level as the plants an instant peace takes over me.

The fog lifts and everything is back in focus just like that.

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  1. Beautiful perspective, Amy. I love the variegated leaves on your Solomon's Seal.