Monday, May 12, 2014

My Mom's Garden


In honor of my mom, I'm sharing a few glimpses of her garden.  My mom taught me to love all things related to gardening.  From a very young age, I can remember my mom tending to her garden and teaching me all sorts of value information.

I treasure the time I'm able to spend with my mom, still learning from her wealth of knowledge.  She's to one who taught me so many helpful lessons.  Like how to force roots in water, how healthy compost and manure are for soil, that watering in the morning is best, that homegrown vegetables are so much more tasty than store bought, how gardening and animals and happiness are all intertwined, and that few things are more beautiful than a healthy vine of roses.

I'm beyond grateful for the early life introduction my mom gave me to gardening.  Because of her and the knowledge she has shared with me I have such an advantage compared, to if I was left to learn all on my own.  I'm doing my best to follow her example by teaching my children as much as I can about gardening.

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