Thursday, May 8, 2014

Black currant

Last fall I purchased this black currant bush, it is doing really well! We’ll be trying to make our own “crème de cassis.“ Or maybe we’ll just add a few in a fruit salad. For those who have a lot of them you can also make some jelly. Yum ! 


              This week, while baby was asleep, I planted some seeds, spinach, zucchini, radicchio and basil by reusing the planters I get with the starts from the nursery.
Zucchini have been such a disaster the last few years.  As soon as we get some delicious zucchinis a bunch of bugs start to devour the plant… We tried everything  with no success. So I will plant them in a large pot and see what happens. 

Here are my lily of the valley, it’s a special plant for me, not only because it’s a purple variety, it’s also a plant I took from my grandfather’s garden in France and brought here in my suitcase ( it was worse the risk  ) It survived and is spreading nicely.

                 I found this dried sunflower in the backyard.

I love muscari. It has been nice out, still a little chilly especially at night. Soon it will be really warm and it won’t bother me at all.


  1. I have some of my great grandmother's plants. Totally worth the risk!

  2. Great ! What plants did you get Melissa ?