Wednesday, May 7, 2014

dates in the garden

in our neck of the woods (zone 7a - arkansas), it's planting time! we are in the midst of hands deep into the soil, dirt under the finger nails, working until dark kind of days & we wouldn't have it any other way. there's little time for romantic dates to our favorite restaurants or afternoons spent at the matinee. instead, you'll find us farmers holding hands & kissing in-between the rows. it's our favorite date spot & my farmer knows i'd rather have flowers than diamonds any day.

we had access to a greenhouse this season to grow healthy, beautiful starts. luke spent hours tending to those sweet plants, thinning, repotting & watering. he produced a dozen or more trays of the prettiest plants. he knows the way to my heart.

we're trying out a handful of new annuals this year, including craspedia. i haven't heard of anyone growing them around here, but they're a favorite of mine so we're trying our luck. if all goes as planned, we will dry several bouquets to sell as a value-added product on the farm. 

last night, we had a little date out in the garden. we planted calendula, zinnias, sunflowers, queen ann's lace, craspedia, sage, lemon verbena & basil. with each hole dug & flower planted, we talked about dreams & plans for the farm. 

there are now two big beds filled to the brim with flowers & herbs. with a little bit of love & a whole lot of time, we're hoping for a beautiful flower garden this year.

what flowers are you planting this year? do you do dates in the garden?


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  1. you two are so cute! alex surprised me with 2 yards of compost last night and i shouted the exact words to him, "you know the way to my heart!" here's to love in the garden! xoxo.