Wednesday, April 16, 2014

freckled hen farm spring beginnings

oh, it feels so good to be back at tend for another season! i just love this space. the knowledge & experience our contributors bring to this project inspires me every single week! i hope you'll visit our contributors page to learn a bit more about our new gardeners in this space. they're amazing women.

as for freckled hen farm, we're moving right on along. we're thankful for shorter winters here in the south. at the first sign of spring, you'll find us planting our sugar snaps & salad greens. once the hot summers hit, we're ready to move up north. as for now, we're content to just soak up the warm spring days.

we did have a hard freeze a couple of nights ago. we covered our flowers with bed sheets (except for the hydrangeas... oops! will those make a comeback, friends?). we also used covering for our broccoli, cabbage & kale. 

we have yet to make our first harvest, but it will happen soon. i am antsy for a nourishing kale salad.

 this farm is such a gift & we're grateful for every single day to dig our hands into the soil. i cannot wait to share what we learn as we settle into this land.

- natalie

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  1. I think the hydrangeas will come back. ours had started leafing out on late February only to be hit hard with an ice storm in early March. They've since recuperated.