Monday, April 14, 2014

TEND 2014 Season

Welcome to the 2014 season of TEND!  I'm thrilled to be contributing weekly this year!

Let me start off with a quick tour of my garden.  My husband and I own a 1940's bungalow that sits on a 1/4 acre lot just outside of Seattle, Washington.  We have a bit of everything happening in our garden; old growth trees and perennials, herbs, vegetables, fruits, sun lovers, shade gardens, container gardens, and lots and lots of new additions we've been incorporating throughout the 10 years we've lived here.  

Things seem pretty bare right now in the early Spring and are just starting to peak through the soil and fill in.  As the weeks and months continue, I'm excited to share the growth that will take place around my home.

Thank you for joining us here at TEND!  We love having you here.  Happy Spring!


  1. Lovely photos!! Such inspiration for my own home. :) Looking forward to more.

  2. I've missed the updates here at Tend...I always forget that most people can't garden year round like we do here in parts of the south.

  3. I've been stalking this space waiting for this! YAY! Looking forward to the 2014 posts!

  4. Thank you, Friends! It's great to back at TEND! Yay for Spring!