Monday, April 2, 2012

basement garden



rainbow chard

not too much happening at our garden this week.  the perennials are awakening and beginning to bloom; i've finally gotten around to uncovering them from their winter leaf blanket and it feels like everyone is breathing easier here and ready to grow. i planted some arugula and radishes last week and they are just barely beginning to sprout. meanwhile, in the basement, the seedlings are going nuts. they are almost all sprouted, with the exception of a few peppers, which are always a bit slower. and the zinnias, marigolds, and kale are beginning to grow their true leaves. it's so fun to pop down there in the mornings and check on these little guys and make sure they're all watered and happy. i'll be gone for a few days, so i'm really excited to see how much everything grows while i'm away.


  1. wow so much goodness growing there. i have never grown with lights but have always wanted to try it.

  2. This year I am growing under lights; EVERYTHING! One incredible experiment. What I don't understand clearly is WHEN to place seedlings in the cold frames and for how long. Any input would be appreciated I am in a zone 5a Montreal.
    Thanks for the pics, looking good.

    1. hi judi- thanks for your comment. i actually don't have cold frames, i just harden off the plants and then transplant into my garden. start off about 1-2 weeks before you plan to transplant by moving your trays of seedlings outdoors in the sun for a couple of hours at a time, slowly leaving them outside longer, but bringing them in overnight. then start leaving them out overnight (but with the option to bring in if you get a freeze/frost). then transplant into your garden. if you're using cold frames, you can probably transplant sooner, but this is how i do it. maybe natalie has some suggestions since she uses cold frames?

      thanks for your comment- i checked out your blog and your setup looks great! good luck.