Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Beginnings of Spring

Mud Season seems to have ended early this year. The soil in the garden is ready for planting, and the forsythia is on the verge of blooming.

'Tis the season for being cheered by daffodils.

We've got some wild edibles springing up in our yard as well. The wonderful stinging nettle is pictured above. I will be harvesting some soon. I hope to make a nettle vinegar and a nettlekopita this year. Perhaps a nettle tincture, too.

Here's garlic mustard (an awful invasive, but edible) which will be making its way into my salad bowl soon.

Spring is a great time for wild edibles, especially while we're waiting for our gardens to grow. Be sure you identify the plants carefully. Refer to the information in several sources or find someone who is knowledgeable about wild edibles before you begin to incorporate wild plants into your diet.

Anyone else planning on harvesting some wild edibles this spring?


  1. Do share some of your nettle creations. I planted nettle in my yard last year and so happy to see it return. I'm sure most will have thought I'm crazy to plant it but I know it is special. =)

  2. I went to gather ramps and came home with a bag of nettles and and another of garlic mustard in addition to the ramps. I wasn't able to find wild asparagus though even thought I thought I had identified a good place to look last fall. I'm going to keep looking though!