Friday, March 30, 2012

some progress

i've started!! and i am so excited.

my plans have changed a bit and i now have a clear vision of how i want things to look.

there will now be a small rock wall at the top of the hill and an evergreen hedge at the bottom with perennials, ground covers, and herbs in between.
on the top flat part of the hill will be vegetables, soft fruit and more herbs.

this week i started by digging up a few plants and transplanting them elsewhere. but before long my plans changed and i began to dig up everything. i am starting completely over. a clean slate.

we started to break up a concrete walkway where a small flagstone path will go with herbs in between.

my neighbors keep walking by and asking what i am up to now.
i told them to get used to seeing me up front.

the job is a bit messy right now and planting will have to wait a few weeks.
but as much as i like to plant, i love to create spaces.
stay tuned.....

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