Tuesday, March 13, 2012

while we wait

Even though it feels much like spring out there these days, my garden is still icy. No planting for me yet. Inside, though, our leeks are ready to be thinned. We'll plant more vegetables from seed soon.

It's been an odd winter, and I'm ready to work in my garden. Waiting for the soil to dry out is never fun. I feel better after I visit the farm where spinach, mache, and peas are already making good progress in the high tunnel. C. gives me a bag of mixed greens and some lovely overwintered parsnips that I think I'll use to make macaroons!

A few good links for you today:

14 tips for starting your own seeds (Organic Gardening Magazine)

Has your hardiness zone changed? Take a peek at the 2012 updated map. My zone has shifted slightly.

Home Ground: Sanctuary In the City-Dan Pearson (I got a chance to flip through this gorgeous book last weekend. Love the photos by Howard Sooley.)

How to tell if the soil is ready for spring planting? (Organic Gardening Magazine)

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  1. thanks for these links! i need all of the help that i can get when it comes to seed starting.