Wednesday, March 14, 2012

spring to do list (is it really that time yet?!)







lots of goodness in the garden this week & still so much to do

+ once the ground dries out (we might be waitin' awhile), we plan to till up a large space & plant tomatoes. our starts are showing their first true leaves. ripe tomatoes are just around the corner, friends!

+ harvested the last of our winter spinach & carrots. thankful for the crunch in march.

+ the girls have started laying! over a dozen eggs this week! thankful for their work.

+ planted some beautiful cosmic purple carrots in the garden yesterday evening. along with a row of beets & black simpson summer head lettuce in between each row.

+ weeded a few beds along with our perennial flower garden. the hens love that extra green goodness in their run.

+ enjoying the work outside with my hands. relaxed after a long day with a good book & a homemade chai latte. perfect.


  1. So much green. Loved the last thing on your list. Perfect!

  2. so much activity!! the weather seems to be at least 2-3 weeks ahead of last years timing. i need to get seeds in the ground soon before it gets hot!

  3. Beautiful photos! I love your chickens. I'm wanting to learn more about raising chickens soon so I can get some when we finally buy our own place.

    Love the lettuce---I've got a lot right now as well.

  4. I especially love the dirt covered carrot shot...and look at your beautiful girls!

    some day i want chickens and a flourishing garden & i'm so happy & grateful that i have friends like you & Luke that I can come to for advice!

  5. Your blog makes me excited for spring! We are still getting winter weather where I am in Washington (including snow) and I'm getting antsy and want to go outside more often! :)

  6. I am so happier to see it getting more and more green every day :) I cant wait to garden again! You have a lovely blog here~