Friday, March 9, 2012

bees and seeds

phew the week flew by!
but what a beautiful week it was.
thursday was almost 70 degrees.
we did manage to plant sugar snap peas, sweet peas, spinach and swiss chard.
i also bought some seeds including some dried beans and a mexican sour gherkin that resembles a watermelon!

i am attending a beekeeping workshop tomorrow.
we have such limited space that our only option is a rooftop hive.
chris has a bit of experience with beekeeping but i would like to learn more.
this year i would like to accumulate knowledge and supplies and pick a site.
in the mean time this is beautiful and inspiring.


  1. what a fantastic video, thanks for the link. i took a class a couple years ago but have yet to keep a hive. a rooftop hive will have to be the way for us as well, so we're working on designing a space above our garage. next year we hope to have a hive or two.
    have you seen this short film?

  2. amy, a rooftop hive sounds perfect for you & your family! although the town where we currently live is pretty conservative, so many families have hives! the beekeeping community is so strong here! luke & i are looking forward to taking a class :)

  3. we had great success with mexican sour gherkins last summer! you will love them. a rooftop hive sounds amazing. we are adding to our hives again this year.