Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A little tour in the garden and a mint syrup recipe

 The garden is growing so much, we had our first eggplants, tomatoes, raspberries, and black currants. The plants grow fast and every week there is a new plant we could use in our cooking or to preserve. 
It's a question of good timing and make time for it. 
I wanted to give you a little tour of the garden. The flowers, it's such a delight to smell the roses, honeysuckle, and lilies. I feel I am becoming more and more of a flower collector. 
I like that we grow vegetables and fruits and have flowers in such a small space. It is a challenge to make space for all of the plants, we need to be creative. 

The hollihocks are doing so good, I brought the seeds from France, they come from my parents yard. 

The honeysuckle. ( See I am really in the city ) 


Some kale, we do eat a lot of it...

First beets are almost ready !

A potted tomato on top of the chicken coop.


And so much mint !

We dry some of the mint but this year I made some mint syrup !
Here is the recipe.

Mint Syrup Recipe 

- 4 big bowls of mint leaves washed 
- 4 cups of water
- 4 cups of sugar 

In a large bowl add the fresh mint leaves, add the boiling water over the leaves and cover for 24 hours.
Filter the liquid you obtained, add the sugar and cook in a large sauce pan for an hour. ( on high first then on low )
Let the syrup cool and store in a bottle.
Keep it in your fridge. 

Enjoy your syrup in a cocktail, or just with sparkling water ( or not ) and a lot of ice. 
It's very sweet so you really just need a little bit, it's fresh and delicious on a hot summer day! 

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