Wednesday, April 10, 2013

diy pvc paper pot maker!

today i want to share with you a simple diy project for making paper pots! 

i work for a school garden-based education nonprofit & during this time of year, we are often outside planting seeds & transplanting seedlings with our students. we use our handmade pot maker that costs a little more than $3 each for making little newspaper pots. the pots are easily made by our elementary school students & biodegrade in the soil if you choose to plant the pot. it's an easy, affordable project for making paper pots rather than using it's plastic counterpart. 

supplies needed:

all pvc pieces can be found at most hardware stores
1- pvc circular cap for screwing onto #3
2- 2 in. pvc coupling
3- pvc end cap with threaded male end to fit #1
- newspaper
-tape (optional)

1. tear off a piece of newspaper that is about 1 1/2 in. longer than the pvc coupling (#2) & wraps completely around your coupling.

2. wrap your newspaper around the coupling.
3. once all of the newspaper is wrapped around the coupling, you may tape the side to secure the newspaper (optional).

4. turn your pot upside down & fold the excess newspaper inside the pvc coupling.

5. turn the pot right side up & press down on the top.
6. screw your pvc cap (#1) onto your pvc end cap (#3). i will refer to this as the "handle."
7. using your handle (#1 & #3) with the cap side down, place inside your pvc coupling & press down until the excess newspaper inside is pressed flat.
8. remove handle from coupling. remove pvc coupling from newspaper. you should have a sturdy newspaper pot!
9. fill with soil & a seed! 

10. place in a sunny window & watch as your plant grows!

do you have any other ideas for making your own pots? we would love to hear!


  1. I use the cardboard centers of toilet paper and paper towels. I can usually get 2 out of each toilet paper center. I just fold over a bit of it on the bottom to keep soil in. When time to plant I just plant the whole thing. It becomes compost for my seedlings as they grow.

  2. I have also used toilet paper rolls, and egg cartons work well too. Great little DIY Natalie!

  3. I've heard of using empty egg shells, which make sense except that you'd have to make a little platform for them to sit on and not fall over...Love the newspaper idea though!

  4. Darling blog!! I love your header!!! Great drawings !
    LOVE IT!

  5. This is great! Will try this with the kids at school for sure! At home, we do little origami pots:

  6. LOVE this!! we also use toilet paper rolls abby:)

  7. It is a good idea. I will definitely try it.