Wednesday, July 25, 2012

there's one thing i've learned

ahhh, it has been far too long, friends. wednesdays have been lonely around here, but it is so good to be back. since my last entry back in early june, my husband & i have experienced some big changes. i got a job offer with local foods & community building (of course i said yes!), we packed up our things in three weeks, said goodbye to our backyard garden, tied up our coop onto a trailer with chickens squawking inside & traveled 60 miles north to our new home. we are currently house-sitting for friends & enjoying our new town. in a couple of weeks, we'll move into our permanent home. life's an adventure.

& one thing i've learned throughout it all - the seven homes in five years, three cities & many gardens sprinkled here & there- you can grow food just about anywhere. raised beds from scraps of wood, a tomato plant in a pot, herbs in a bucket, salad greens as edible landscaping, swiss chard mixed with flowers, community garden plots & the neighbor's yard. we've done it all in the last seven years & we have fed ourselves from it.

we moved with a trunk full of pots filled with edible flowers, greens, herbs & vegetables. we harvest a handful of mint to add to our summer mojitos & a few stems of chard with our fresh eggs. as we house-sit, we are also enjoying the bounty from the backyard garden. the many squash & bell peppers are perfect for tacos & the cucumbers sprinkled with vinegar make for the perfect snack. 

of course, we would love to settle down eventually & dig deep into the land. for now, we enjoy the creativity that comes from planting in pots, building raised beds, leaving our work for another to enjoy & feeding ourselves.

do you have any stories to share? i'd love to hear your creative ways of growing food.


  1. This post is so encouraging. There is a possibility that my family and I will be gypsies of sorts and it feels so nice to think of the positive and possible aspects of homesteading regardless! Thank you.

  2. that is so great that you took the new opportunity
    lying ahead of you. i am glad to know that you
    kept the plants and chickens to the new land.
    i am sure you will create another nice garden with
    full of greens and flowers. i have been following
    your blog for a long time now, still enjoy each post.
    i look forward to your up coming post.

  3. So fun to hear about you strapping your chicken coop to the trailer and moving with it. We are looking at an impending move and of course the flock will come along as well. Congratulations on the new adventure! I'm looking forward to reading more about your gardening (just found your blog).