Wednesday, August 10, 2011

first tomatoes!

there's really not much else to say besides that.  these are three of my four first full-sized tomatoes this year [we ate the other one before i could get a photo. i might have been the most delicious thing i've ever tasted].

i have never been very successful with full-sized tomatoes [cherry tomatoes, especially amy's favorite sungolds have always been great!]. in fact, last year i only harvested one single tomato from nine plants, so i already know this year is better! i'm already on track for a bit of a bumper crop and i could not be more proud.

whether you grow them yourself, from seed or seedling, or sample some from a local farmer, the first tomatoes of the season are always cause for celebration. 


  1. Those look amazing! We planted tomatoes for the first time this year and I'm anxiously awaiting for them to ripen.

    And I don't even like tomatoes - I planted them for my daughters. :)

  2. In April, I went to Master Gardener lecture here in Seattle. The gardener said she doesn't even bother trying to grow tomatoes anymore. That made me sad, to hear an expert say that. It didn't discourage me from continuing to try. I've actually had relatively good luck with tomatoes, but it varies year to year. I'm happy you are having success this year!

  3. it IS cause for celebration...the other morning a week ago, my tall boy came in and shouted, "mom, the first sungold is ripe! LOOK!" placing one special orangey tomato in my palm. He sliced it 4 ways and he insisted on trying to save a smidgeon for their father.

    This year we have struggled with the wettest weather in 25 years on the BC coast, last year we were bursting with 35 tom plants in a hoophouse, this year we upped the plants to ~50, and we are seeing such agonizingly slow growth. We shall have many, but not the quantities we were hoping for for putting by in sauces, frozen and salsa.

    Great for you for your first harvests!! It is addicting, growing tomatoes, there are so many wonderful organic and heirloom varieties.

  4. We are just nearing the end of winter here so i am dreaming of tomatoes :) I shall be planting my seeds indoors by the end of this month, ready to plant out when it warms up! I'm finding it difficult to choose which varieties though, so many wonderful ones to choose from. I find tomatoes very easy to grow and always produce masses of tomatoes in my garden - perhaps we have good tomato growing conditions here in New Zealand?