Friday, July 1, 2011


if you are struggling to find that green thumb of yours, start with growing mint and watch it take off. mint is one of those plants that is hard to kill and boy does it grow. because of it’s prolific nature many people like to contain mints in pots and planters.

i also grow it around my chicken coop where i don’t mind if it takes over. it keeps the area smelling a bit more pleasant and the hens like to nibble on it. we joke that our eggs taste minty fresh.

there are many varieties of mint. we grow common spearmint, peppermint, pineapple mint, chocolate mint and orange mint.
this week we are...

drying it for tea.

making syrup to flavor sparkling water, lemonade, and cocktails.

making peppermint oil to try out concocting our own toothpaste.

and blending it with fruit for popsicles. (this one is simply watermelon and mint leaves)

what a tempting little plant. it is hard to walk by it without yearning for a sniff.

and it makes the perfect after dinner mint.


  1. We love mint too. I have been making mint iced tea with just a bit of honey this year and it's so refreshing.
    What kind of oil are you using to make the peppermint oil?

  2. i used almond oil. here is a simple tutorial

  3. we've been having trouble this year with crows stealing our mint, isn't that strange?

  4. Wonderful, wonderful mint. I love it!x
    I love all of your minty ideas!

  5. we made the mint syrup from river cottage this june.