Friday, June 24, 2011

summer is here

maybe it is the constant hum of the box fan. or maybe it’s the fireflies being whisked into ball jars each night.
but without even looking at the calender it’s my garden who just flat out told me that summer is finally here.

the bee balm and cone flower are beginning to flower.

the raspberries are slowly ripening.

the sunny yellow squash flowers will soon be fruit.

cilantro is finding it’s way into every salad we make.

the toscano kale is beginning to tower above it’s neighbors.

pesto has become a topping on everything and anything (roasted potatoes especially).

and herbs such as peppermint and anise hyssop are being made into iced teas.

we are headed out on a camping trip this weekend to celebrate the solstice. The cooler is packed with kale chips, pesto pasta, bean salad with cilantro and peppermint tea. oh yes and a few raspberries for banana boats over the campfire.

Banana Boats

peel back one piece of banana peel.
scoop out a channel and eat.
fill channel with chocolate chips, nuts, and fresh berries.
pull peel back over and wrap whole banana in tin foil.
roast over fire until warm and gooey.
grab a spoon and enjoy

happy summer !


  1. I have never heard of banana boats before, but now with your recipe I can't wait to try them out! Thanks. Have fun this weekend.

  2. this is so perfect! we *just* went camping, and i was having a hard time thinking up meals to bring. plus i felt trapped into getting smore's ingredients just because it is our culture. what a perfect alternative. thanks!

  3. wow - banana boats sound great!
    what a beautiful bounty!

  4. whenever i introduce someone to banana boats, i feel like i'm giving them a present. come up to vermont and eat one with me!

  5. wow!!!!!!!!
    Great, bounty are very lovely.
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  6. can't wait to try a banana boat!

  7. let's have one together one day soon in vermont tara and shari!