Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Promising summer fruits, blackberries, peaches and for now strawberries !

Our garden enjoyed the last heavy rain we had here in Philadelphia. The kale is so happy.
The last few weeks we have been struggling with a sick chicken, an eye infection. I had to give all of them some antibiotics. It seems that she is doing good now, but her eye is still closed. I will apply some antibiotic ointment on her eye. Having chickens can seem tempting and fun. It is, but it's also a lot of work. If anyone has suggestion to help my chicken. Thanks !

This week I wanted to share what's happening in our backyard. 

Clematis is in bloom

Some promising blackberries

The first strawberries ! I love strawberries.
I started to add some links in our resources. Check it out !
The strawberry roll looks delicious and amazing...

The peach tree is so happy ! So many peaches ... 
Check the resources I shared a peach salad recipe that I will with no doubt try.

yarrow, cosmos ...

The lilies bloom a little bit like fireworks, first it's all the yellow ones, then I forgot how they come but each color bloom at a different time.

Lettuce and pansies.

What is new in your gardens ? 

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  1. Lucky you are with the rain! We don't have rain in France! I've made some rose and pivoines jam last week. I've liked yours and i have beautifull and flavored roses in the garden :-)