Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Dandelions: Part 2



One of my favorite ways to use dandelions is by making a bitters or tincture.  A bitter made with dandelion root is beneficial to the entire digestive system.

I make my concoction with simple ingredients, just dried roots and pure grain alcohol.

First, harvest your roots.  (Dandelion roots harvested between fall and spring will have the highest medicinal properties.).  Thoroughly wash the roots, then chop into uniform pieces, I chop mine into the size of a small pea.  Lay out on a mesh surface to dry for about 2 weeks.  Fill a bottle half way with the dried roots.  Pour the alcohol to cover.  Place the bottle in a windowsill to infuse for several weeks.  Strain the roots out and save the liquid.  Use several drops of the liquid a few times a day to help aid in digestion and to help curb sugar cravings.

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