Monday, May 11, 2015

My Favorite Viburnums

 I have really fallen in love with viburnums over the years. It all started when we bought our home in 2004 and there was planted a Shoshoni Doublefile Viburnum.  The shrub started out small, planted between a peach tree and a royal star magnolia.  With a little bit of compost each year, it has now completely outgrown it's expected size range and has overtaken the space.  I've trained it to be a small tree rather than a shrub.  I love the shade it offers the shade-loving perennials under it.  Each year it grows bigger and bigger!  This next year, I need to consider pulling or transplanting the two trees on either side of it.

Another favorite of mine is the Eastern Snowball.  I just love the happy, white snowballs that blossom this time of year.  They remind me of cheerleaders!  One feature that I love about this variety are the generous blossoms they give.  Even the smaller, younger shrubs produce lots of blooms.  I have a few smaller shrubs growing around my garden and they each bloom every year.  I love the way the snowball blossoms look in a vase or in an arrangement.

A few other varieties that I have growing in my garden that I love are Korean Spice, Burkwood, Pink Dawn,  and Diana Koreanspice.  They are all so hardy, add great color throughout the seasons, and some of them smell so wonderful.   Here's a great link that explains more about viburnums.  If can't say enough about viburnums!

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