Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A new season in our urban garden

It's with a lot of joy I am starting to write this post. I feel I have been waiting for this all winter. Even if I really like the cold it felt it was never ending and I was starting to be so tired of it.

Spring is definitely here and has shown its first colors with crocus, daffodils, trees in bloom, I am already thinking of the delicious fruits we might harvest in the summer.

I contemplate my garden and I imagine all the things we want to do. Every year is different and we learn so much from every season. The shape of the garden is different, the trees, plants are bigger or didn't make through winter.

We already had our first greens for a fresh salad, I have some starts inside waiting to be big enough to be outside, a lot of basil, I guess when I planted the seeds I was thinking of pesto so much!

It's late the windows are opened and I can smell the strong enchanting perfume of our lilac.

What about your garden ?

Happy spring !


  1. Love the rhubarb flowers--mine is taller than me, and I cannot bear to cut it down!

  2. I wish I had thought about planting my worn-through chicken waterer! Just tossed it in recycling last week.