Wednesday, July 2, 2014

gift idea: basket of garden cheer!

i love giving gifts. simply put, it's my favorite way to love.

 i also really love giving gifts that are homemade, meaningful & fit within our budget. on my personal blog, i share several ideas for creating thoughtful, unique gifts that are affordable. today's gift idea is no exception! it cost us nothing but a little bit of our time.

walking through our garden, i began to think about our friends who just moved to town. you see, we have moved a lot. i know what it feels like to be completely exhausted, broke, unable to find the pans to cook dinner & instead just order pizza. 

sometimes you just need a bit of cheer to get you through the mountains of boxes. 

gathering bits from the garden, i set out to make a basket of cheer. 

i found a berry basket in our pantry & filled it with fresh cucumbers from the garden. 

i gathered a bouquet of flowers & placed them in a mason jar with a little fabric bow. we collected colorful eggs from the coop & put them in a recycled egg carton.

off to our dear friends & new neighbors with a basket of garden cheer, we went! 

what kind of goodies do you pull together from your garden for dear friends, new neighbors & family?

- natalie