Friday, June 8, 2012

gardening tools and essentials

i thought it might be fun to share with you a few of my favorite gardening tools and essentials that i can't live without.

 i don't have many but i like it that way.
 just a few simple pieces that i use almost every day. 

:: when gardening i like my feet to stay clean and dry. 
my gardening clogs are durable and super comfortable.
i've had these for many years and although they are a bit dirty they still seem brand new.

:: the basket scoop is one i found while thrifting. it's perfect for cleaning up piles of yard debris.

:: i admit, i'm not a fan of sunscreen but i do love a good sunhat.
this one is comfortable with a rim that gives just the right coverage.
and the chin strap is perfect for windy days.


:: twine is my favorite thing to stock up on at the hardware store. i can never have enough.
 i use it for so many things but especially in the garden for trellising and tying up plants.

:: i love my little brass sprinkler that's easy to screw on to the end of a hose. for something so small it does a good job in watering the garden.

:: i think my most used gardening tool is my wooden nail brush. it lives at my kitchen sink and gets used several times a day. 

:: my felco pruners are always at hand for snipping and pruning.

:: and my potting trowel  lives in my back pocket.

:: the edger gives a nice clean garden bed edge.

:: the pointed spade that i scored at a garage sale is the perfect size for digging up and transplanting.

:: and my favorite tool of all time is the stirrup hoe.
i used this tool every day when i was farming and completely fell in love.
i recommend that if you were to buy only one tool this would be the one.

what are some of your favorites?
i'd love to hear what you use in your garden.


  1. What a great list! I've got to get a stirrup hoe!

  2. i love your collection!

    my favourites include my trusty felco's, my half moon edger which i use all over the farm, for keeping a victorian edge on the perennial beds to edging the raised food garden beds to curtail the couch grass from sending rhizomes across. i also make great use out of my long handled garden fork, which is used daily, as i weed very large expanses of garden (ours plus parts of the community gardeners' space). i love it for turning two compost piles as well as quickly running through the large food beds to loosen but not turn, then i can whiz along and quickly pull and shake the weeds. i am coveting this tool soon:

    oh and my custom made broom for sweeping grass and debris back off of the sidewalks and parking areas!

  3. I've never seen this kind of hoe before. I'd love if you talked about weeding and how to use this tool. Any tips on weeding would be appreciated!

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