Wednesday, June 13, 2012

bring along a camera into the garden

just recently i realized how often i bring my camera with me into the garden. most of the time i grab my digital, but lately my film camera has been by my side. my camera is my tool of choice, really. i use my photos to document season to season, year to year in the garden. i am terrible at keeping a paper journal so often my photos do the journaling for me- helping to remember the pest problems, creative trellises from gardens past, & the date of our first tomato harvest last year. as the seasons progress, i add photos little by little to my gardening set on flickr.

i also really enjoy the art of garden photography, if there really is such a thing. pausing to savor fresh eggs in a basket, light flickering among green tomatoes on the vine, little seedlings bursting with energy & bouquet of june flowers. there are so many reasons to slow down in the garden - in our lives - & enjoy. my camera helps me do so.

i hope you will invite your camera along on your many trips to the garden.


  1. My camera is never so far for my pocket, my basket or my garden, of course !

  2. I have a special place that I hang mine when I'm out working, so that I don't forget and accidentally "water it". I'm totally with you--I have what seems like a million pictures of freshly gathered eggs and they never get boring to me.