Friday, May 18, 2012

radish sandwich

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even though radishes are not one of my girls favorite foods we can't help but plant them in the spring. they are a great crop to grow in the garden for young people.
they germinate fast and grow fast too. and harvesting them is such fun!

we always grow the 'easter egg' variety. they come in a beautiful variety of colors and the girls love the name. we try to harvest them when they are small and on the younger side to avoid them getting too hot.

i love eating radishes whole with just a pinch of salt but my girls have not quite caught on to to my radish enthusiasm until recently when i remembered how my mother would like to eat her radishes with butter which i believe goes back to our irish roots.

 it's true that most things taste better with butter and believe it or not radishes and butter are truly delicious.

 i introduced this sandwich to an after school garden club last week and it was quite the hit. the students devoured an entire baguette with generous helpings of radish.

radish sandwich

slice of your favorite bread
generous amounts of butter
thinly sliced radish
a pinch of sea salt
chopped up chives or other herbs are nice too



  1. I'm intrigued...I'll have to give it a try!

  2. That's the way we have always eaten radishes in my family in France : with butter, sea salt and bread. Not in a sandwich, we just munch them but their taste is not as strong there eventhough they look exactly the same. Do you know why ?

    1. i'm no radish expert (just started planting them last year) but i think a lot of the different varieties look very similar. so even though they look the same, they could certainly have different levels of hotness. (i grow one called "early scarlet globe" and looks very similar)

  3. i've been making radish butter. i throw a bunch of radishes and scallions in the food processor and then mix it all into softened butter. delicious.

  4. this sounds so perfect (and how i usually eat radishes too). mine are not quite ready yet, but i'm anxiously awaiting!

  5. now i know what to do with my glut!