Thursday, May 17, 2012

A good day in the garden

bird's eye view, left side
bird's eye view, right side
This afternoon began my summer break! I knew that once school was out, I wanted to be in the garden. And so I was, for three plus hours, weeding, planting, etc. Above are two peeks at our sprawling garden as seen from my studio deck. Photos show it as is, with no prettying up, or removing hoses or weed buckets.
Here's what I worked on today: 
` Cut back the rose bush that had finished blooming. 
` Walked to the garden center that is dangerously close to our house and yet returned with only a 4-pack of spilanthes. After clearing spent daffodil leaves, I planted them between the bulbs. 
` Weeded between the onion rows. Boy was that a mess.
` Heavily trimmed back the catnip and mint, and put some mint leaves in my ice water, and gave catnip to the kitties lounging lazily inside. 
` Thinned the African daisies. 
` Cut dead canes on the raspberries and ate a ripe golden raspberry or two in the process. 
` Cleared a place to finally plant cosmos seeds. 
` And weeded throughout other plots. 

It was a good day!

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