Sunday, October 23, 2011

backyard chicken workshop

chris and i have taught several different kinds of workshops, all related to our backyard.
but one of our favorites is backyard chickens.
we taught one on tuesday night at a local high school through a community class program.
we give a really fun slide presentation with all of our own photos.
we talk about coop designs, breed selection, chicken care basics and the wonderful benefits of keeping a small-scale backyard chicken coop.
this time we thought it would be fun to give a two part workshop,the second part being in our backyard.
we wanted people to see how small our space really is and what you can do in such a tiny space.
today participants came for the second part.
some brought their kids (who got the biggest kick out of petting the girls and feeding them sunflower seeds) as well as partners and spouses.
two women even went home to get their husbands and bring them back to talk to chris more about how to build themselves a coop like ours:)
it was such fun showing every one around
and sending them all off to come up with their own little backyard operation.


  1. what a great idea! i would love to attend.

    and that bench in the first picture, love!

  2. that's exactly what I would do... go home grab my man and caress his builder's ego by saying... you could build a fantastic and efficient coop for these lovely chickens... that we need to get. i need limitless eggs!

  3. We have bears come through our yard every year and they have made visits to the chicken coops in our neighborhood. It would be nice to have fresh eggs but feeding bears is not really something I want to do.