Tuesday, September 27, 2011

home preserving workshop

home preserving class

this week i am preparing for a home preserving & canning workshop that i will teach this saturday in northwest arkansas. ozark folkways is an incredible little place that focuses on most skills forgotten in this age of consumerism & quick fixes. i cannot wait to get all of the students together for a morning of preserving apple butter.

the photo above shows my kitchen table in its current state- little scribbles of to do lists & ideas for the big day. i finally perfected my recipe & i am looking forward to sharing it. i hope to make the kitchen a cozy little space for working, jamming & canning. the students will take home a jar of their own jam & a bag filled with supplies for decorating their jars for the holidays. (i wish you all, each & everyone of you, could be there).

i also plan to pass out a packet of information on my favorite blogs, books & publications.

here are just a few sources i dig:
- putting by
- put 'em up!
- canning for a new generation
- the latest issue of natural home & garden

i must ask- please do share any tips, blogs, books, publications that you find helpful in preserving & canning. i'd love to add them to my growing list of resources! thank you!


  1. I wish we had a folkways workshop in my area-- I would love to spend time with others learning these skills. I miss my grandmother's canned pears. I enjoyed reading about natural fermentation in the latest issue of Martha Stewart Living.

  2. i love the blogs local kitchen, saving the season, and food in jars.

    hope the workshop was fun! wish i could have attended.

  3. aside from what's already been suggested...i love putting food by, and martha stewart's website actually has some good preserving recipes. i also recently picked up "urban pantry" from the library and it has some good ones. also, haven't seen it yet, but the new book "homemade" looks fabulous. good luck, natalie! wish i could be there with you!!

  4. I love the River Cottage Preserves Handbook!

  5. i wish i could go too! i also find the food in jars blog very helpful. i enjoyed reading ashley english's book on preserving, but i haven't tried any recipes yet.

  6. Hey thanks for mentioning my little blog. You've reminded me that I'm behind in updating. Good luck with the class. Ive often thought it would be fun to teach something like that.

  7. your home is always decorated so simply, and beautifully. seeing your photos makes me miss you something awful. but! I am so proud of you for doing this class, and I wish I could attend, and bask in your wisdom.
    I don't can (yet) as you know, but I love perusing punkdomestics.com for wonderful ideas.