Tuesday, July 19, 2011

soaker hose for the garden

we just recently added soaker hoses to our garden. after spending every day watering our garden for an hour, making sure not to water any of the foliage as to prevent certain plant diseases, it was a huge relief to add this time-saving system to our day.

do you have a soaker hose or drip tape in your garden? we opted for the soaker hose because it allows for the hose to wrap around plants, unlike drip tape which is better for large-scale agriculture & production farms. both are wonderful ways of irrigating, though. they both are fairly affordable, prevent most of foliage from getting wet & save water.

we purchased two hoses for $10 each. we used our gardening hose & a 2-way hose connector to connect the soakers.

then, we wrapped the soaker hose around each base of the plant. we made sure it was secure by adding soil around some sides of the hose.

the areas that were hanging between the two beds were covered in duct tape & electrical tape to keep them from leaking. although not as aesthetically pleasing as i would like, it works well by not watering the grass.

this system is working so well for our small garden. the time that we spent watering is now spent weeding, pruning & enjoying our hard work.


  1. We have irrigation but but we have been using soaker hoses this year and it is wonderful! our plants are staying alive this year! haha

  2. [ slaps forehead with hand ]

    In 4 years of using soaker hoses, it never occurred to me to get a splitter. Duh. What a great idea!

    I add new soaker hoses every year -- aren't they great?!

  3. Oh, that looks awesome! I wish my backyard even had a water faucet. Since I'm in a building of five apartments, I think there might only be one and it's in someone else's yard. I just water from my kitchen. How long do you leave the hoses on each day? I know it would probably vary a little depending on the weather, but just on average?

    I was thinking, you could knit a cozy for the part of the hose that sticks out! You could make it camouflage with the grass or make it lots of colors for fun. I know that's kind of a silly idea, but I just thought of it so I had to share. :)

  4. we turn the watering system on for 30 min. each day due to the heat. as it gets cooler, 30 min. every other day will be just fine. also, that is a great idea!

  5. i so meant to do this this summer, but it never made it's way to the top of my priority list! definitely will have to do this next summer as (when it's not downpouring all the time) i do spend a lot of time watering.

  6. hi, Huck! so cute - look at that tail! good idea with the soaking hose. I am about to turn up some ground here in my yard (a little late, sure, but what can I say) and have been wondering what measures I will take to keep my stuff watered. the spigot is on the other side of the house, and I will have to connect a hose there and drag it all the way to the front. a soaker hose could then connect to the long hose, and make for easier watering. thanks for your good ideas, lady!

  7. we heart soaker hoses! we keep adding new beds each year and for the veg and fruits they are enormous time savers. i love watering but the miles of perennial beds i have put in is enough, and the tomatoes/basil in the hoophouse, the raspberry rows and the other veg beds get the hoses in the am when i check the chooks.

    they make watering easy for friends too, if you go away. they can turn them on, go for a stroll or for iced tea and come to turn off. even if they go overnight it's not a huge waste of water, but gives a nice deep soak.

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  9. Does anyone else have the problem of too much water at the beginning of the soaker hose, (flooding the tomato plants), and just enough or even not enough toward the far end? Can I somehow use tape or something to reduce the water released at the beginning and send it on toward the latter part of the hose?

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