Wednesday, July 20, 2011

scenes from my community garden

potato towers

bull nose bell pepper

tiger's eye dry beans

ace bush

african crackerjack marigold

cherokee purple

lettuce gone to seed

i'll admit that i haven't been the best at keeping up with both of my gardens.  i've been extremely busy these past few weeks, and it's been particularly hot and rainy (meaning that i don't have to get over there to water and that it's been extremely unpleasant to be outdoors these past few days).  so this afternoon, with a slight break in the heat, i decided i'd better go check on how things were progressing over there.  i clearly need to weed badly, but otherwise, i am really excited about all the growth that's taken place over the past week and a half since i was over there last.  beans are growing, cucumbers and squash and melons are flowering, potato towers are towering, tomatoes are exploding with blossoms and big green tomatoes, peppers are emerging, and lettuce is going to seed.  i am beyond excited that it truly does look like this is going to be my best tomato year yet (heck, i'm pretty sure it's going to be my best garden year yet!).

despite how well things are growing, i definitely will need to make some time over the next few days for a little bit of maintenance.

do you have more than one garden? how do you balance your time between them?


  1. I don't have two gardens, but these pictures look great. This is going to be our best tomato year ever as well. I have never grown them successfully, and this year we have an abundance!!!

  2. i know you're going to think i'm a little crazy to even consider having a plot in our newly organized community garden, with all the space we have at home, but the difference is that if i had a plot in town 11 miles away, i could grow tender crops such as winter squashes, corn, cucumber, and tomatoes OUTSIDE, something we certainly could never do at our place. it is so much cooler here, both days and nights, and far more likely to frost on any given day of the year.
    about 9 years ago, chris was looking around in and around town to either buy a shop building or a lot to build one on - i was SO excited at the prospect of having two gardens, one there, and one at home, because of the two very different microclimates. in retrospect, ia so grateful now that he chose to build his shop here on our place. we much prefer having him here at home with us, popping in and out throughout most days, than having him get up and drive to a shop and be gone all day long!

    if i do ever get a space in the community garden, i honestly have no idea how i'd handle both - i'm sure the one there would suffer my negligence. it would have to be over a summer when we have absolutely no plans to be gone for any length of time.
    would love a better look at how you did your potato towers some time...