Thursday, July 28, 2011

Savoring the fruits

I have to admit that the sweltering temperatures in recent weeks have greatly diminished my garden time to actually, well, almost nothing. Except for strolls about the garden and general looking around. No, my husband has been the diligent one, enduring the heat, checking the tomatoes, removing the bugs, pulling weeds, and bearing the patient task of watering. And I have felt somewhat guilty in my lack of attention.
But then the other night in "The Shape of a Year" (a book Shari gave me) I read how this time is "the season of savoring the fruits." Jean Hersey goes on to say that our hurried springtime race to get things in the ground has relaxed. The garden "rolls along" now, and for better or worse it's pretty much what it is going to be.
So I think maybe the garden doesn't really need us busying ourselves as much right now, (other than watering, and checking, and harvesting.) Maybe our gardens just want the attention of our gaze. Maybe for a while we simply savor and appreciate the successful harvests (and perhaps even those that failed) and be very grateful.

I thought I'd share a few of my favorite things in the garden, here as we find ourselves already at the end of July.

One of our edamame patches. Last year was the first year we planted edamame and really enjoyed them so this year we planted three patches, at different times so hopefully we'll have steady picking. The plants have proven to be very heat tolerant.
edamame pods growing
One of our green bean patches, with pepper plants behind it. We're growing two bush bean varieties, including flat Italian. When the plants were just popping up from the ground there were a few rabbits that plowed them down. So the fence is to keep out those munchers!
I think these lilac peppers are so pretty.
To me, it just isn't summer without okra.
Nor do flower bouquets seem as cheery without zinnias. I love having them and they seem to love me picking them, because they just keep blooming.
Last night's supper with yellow squash, okra, peperoncinis, roma tomatoes, and basil from the garden. Yum!

What are you savoring from your garden?


  1. savoring all the greens, broccoli, new potatoes, the first few tomatoes, and making a great big batch of kimchi with all the napa cabbages.
    (the chickens will be savoring all the outer leaves that were loaded with slugs!)

    lamenting that i never really planted the hoophouse out to capacity, and that the 3 varieties of edamame seed never made it into the ground either.

    i, too, am just trying to come to terms with what the garden is this year, and accept what it isn't.

  2. I agree the bouquets really do need zinnias. I am wondering how you cook okra? I have no experience with it other than knowing lots of African and Pacific Island recipes call for it...? Thanks Heather

  3. I like that, "the savouring of the fruits"!

    We're swimming in cucumbers and zucchini right now. Any day now the tomatoes will be turning from their pale blush to red and we're checking every day!

    And the zinnias - they're in practically every room of the house right now, tucked in with a few bachelor's buttons - so very cheery!

  4. Hi Sharolyn-
    Well sometimes we simply chop it up and saute it on it's own. Or you can chop it, coat it in egg, bread it in a little cornmeal, sea salt, & pepper, then lightly fry it. Or, as in the photo above, we just add it like any other vegetable to dishes. It's good in gumbo too. Does that help? If not I'll try to direct you to something more specific.

  5. My 2 zinnia plants have yet to bloom but I see the buds coming! I can't waittil they do. :)

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