Wednesday, April 27, 2011

unintentional overwintering


for some reason, i have never had much success growing carrots.  i can't explain why, but i do love them so.  so each year i try try again.  {in fact, the carrot seeds that i planted over two weeks ago still haven't germinated...but try again i will!}

last summer, i had an early season spinach failure and as soon as i ripped that spinach out, in went the carrots (on june 6, according to my garden journal).  they never seemed to be ready to harvest, so i just left them in there and kept on watering them all summer.  somehow, in the hub-bub of the end of the season, i forgot about them and just left them in the ground over the winter.  they were essentially mulched by leaves and multiple feet of snow, which insulated them throughout the winter.  last week, as i was clearing out my garden bed in preparation for planting lettuces and peas, i pulled up a handful of small, but crisp carrots.  what a delicious surprise to have something straight from the garden while the forecasts are still calling for snow this evening! 

this fall, i think i just i may intentionally plant some crops for overwintering. 


  1. I did the same thing last fall. Around February I realized the carrots were still in the ground. They were delicious for dinner that night!

  2. What a beautiful photo! We too discovered a harvest of carrots when we were cleaning up earlier this spring. They tend to grow so dog-gone slow they are easy to forget about!

  3. That IS an exciting discovery. I was thinking about your last post here while planting carrots today... they say not to cover the seeds - just to sow them on the surface. Last year I sowed my carrot seeds, and left them uncovered, kept them watered (as best I could) and nothing germinated. I wondered if the birds ate them, or what?? At some point, I decided to gently cover the seeded area with a light dusting of fine soil, and they finally started to sprout. I have seen this with leeks as well... a little bit of coverage really made a difference (almost overnight!). I don't know if this relates to your situation, but just thought I should mention. This year I gently covered my carrot seeds, and I am hoping for a better turnout with a stronger start.

  4. a wonderful surprise indeed!