Thursday, April 28, 2011

Garden notes

"I can't wait until we have fresh strawberries", "Mmm, those will be so good!", "I'm looking forward to when our cosmos are blooming"... These are things I find myself saying. When I was eating lunch outside today, which consisted of a salad using our spinach, radishes, and alfalfa sprouts, I thought, you know, this is pretty great. I love spinach! And while out of the corner of my eye I could see tiny green strawberries and my taste buds were watering at the thought of when they'll be ripe, I need to remember to really be thankful for what we have right now. So I'm devoting a notebook to garden notes, for tracking what/when we plant, what/when we harvest, general noticings, etc. Writing garden notes is a practice I don't normally keep. Usually I jot down when seeds go in the ground on the fridge calendar and that's it. So I'm giving this note taking a go.

notebook made by Jen Causey
garden notes:
4/22/11 Fri.
`it really rained

4/23/11 Sat.
`picked a bunch of spinach, handful of radishes

4/24/11 Sun. Easter
`a beautiful morning, I took film photos in the garden after chuch & brunch
`planted cosmos & bachelor's buttons

4/25/11 Mon.
`blackbirds bathing in the alley puddles

4/26/11 Tues.
`while printing & looking out the window, I thought how different the garden will look in a month's time.
`robins greeted me atop the grape posts
`spinach galette
`picked spinach & radishes

4/28/11 Thurs.
`ate lunch on the strawberry step
`spotted the baby bunny hopping from under the woodpile, eating dandelions
`pulled nearly all the radishes
`alfalfa sprouts


  1. what a magnificent post - you so inspire me in all you do!!!!



  2. love these garden field notes, h.

  3. beautiful. i started keeping a garden notebook my first year of gardening, and i LOVE looking back on what i did, reflections, timing of plantings and harvestings. can't wait to see what you keep in your notebook throughout this season.

  4. love love love this heather. so inspiring! i have so many empty notebooks and journals lying around here. i think tomorrow i will put one of them to good use:)

  5. love these sweet notes. especially the note about the blackbirds in the alley puddles. such detail!

  6. i really like your simple garden mindfulness. I tend to go hot or cold on garden journaling: either noting every tiny thing, or not recording a thing (though doing much!). you've inspired me.