Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wild flowers

Growing up in a sort of rural area in France, I would always run around in the fields and make wild flower bouquets.
I learned to recognize the flower's characteristics without really knowing their real names. Later I learned their names and properties.

We are spending a week on a farm in Ardeche in the South of France on the top of a mountain.  I have the pleasure to see those plants. I am always fascinated by the mix of flowers that can grow on a little patch in between fields.

We have forgotten that a lot of these plants are edible. Today I went on a walk and I brought some fresh flowers and greens to add to our salad for diner.

I picked some dandelions. I chose only the small leaves it does taste less bitter. Also some wild chicory flowers, nasturtium flowers and leaves, some red clover, and some red poppy seeds. You can find all of these in the united states.

Coming back from my walk I had a bag full of fresh greens and it made such a pretty salad.
If you have doubts about which flowers or plants are edible here is a link I found that could help you.

I also started to expand my knowledge of wild flowers by drying some and make an herbarium. I put the plants between two sheets of paper in a book and press them under something heavy. Well this time I used a wooden box of bottles of wine.


  1. Lovely, both your salad greens and flowers and your dried flowers.