Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wild Blackberry Preserves

We are fortunate here in the PNW to have an abundant supply of wild blackberries.  My boys and I have picked baskets and baskets of berries the last few weeks and I've been busy stirring over a hot stove preserving them.

Wanting something low in sugar and pectin-free, I came up with this simple preserves recipe.  After tasting a few teas and jams recently that were made with douglas fir tips, I decided to add some to my recipe.  Earlier this spring, I snipped some douglas fir tips from the trees on our property.  I dried them, ground them in a spice grinder and added them to my blackberry preserves, it's delicious!  The fir tips add a sweet, woodsy taste that pairs really well with the blackberries.  It tastes like a walk in the forest!

Wild Blackberry Preserves

6 cups fresh blackberries
1 1/2 cups evaporated cane juice
1 1/2 cups raw honey
4 tablespoons powdered douglas fir tips (more can be added, or it can be omitted altogether)
3 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
1 teaspoon sea salt

Combine all ingredients in a heavy-bottom pot and slowly start to bring to a simmer.  On medium heat, simmer the preserves until your desired consistency is reached, I cook mine for about 40 minutes when the consistency is slightly thinner than pudding.  I don't mash the berries, I try to keep them as whole and juicy as possible.  Once your desired thickness is reached, let the pot rest a few minutes before pouring into prepared jars.  Follow basic water bath canning directions to safely process the preserves.


  1. This sounds wonderful...I love the idea of adding the fir! Any ideas on where this can be found, if you aren't in a spot to harvest your own?

  2. Delicious! I missed the blackberries this year. It's almost pear time here.

  3. Ooooooo delicious! What a great idea to add the Douglas fir tips... I shall dry some of those fresh new tips next year for this purpose, thank you.

  4. oh, wow. looks so very delicious!
    i have heard of adding fir tips to jelly/jam.

    so glad for the post!