Thursday, August 7, 2014

Fresh fig salad

We are in France for the month and I am away from my garden. At the market in Paris I love to get fruits and vegetables of all kinds. This week they already had some fresh figs and I couldn't resist to get some. 
In Philadelphia we have figs a lot later in the season. Our neighbor had a huge fig tree, it died in the winter because of the cold. Last summer was the first time the tree produced fruits in large quantity a few branches were over our chicken coop and our neighbor let us have some. They were delicious. 

I love to eat them fresh so here is a salad recipe that you will love.

You need :
-Fresh figs
-Fresh mozzarella ( di bufala if you can find it! )

Slice the figs and the mozzarella and prepare your plate with a bedding of arugula.
Prepare a simple dressing olive oil and salt.  ( you could also prepare a dressing more elaborated with honey and balsamic vinegar but for today I wanted it simple )

Enjoy !

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