Tuesday, July 8, 2014

unusual planters

when I was in my early 20s, I discovered the most WONDERFUL book.  I just loved Garden Junk.  I found it so inspiring, because I like old things that tell a story, I've always had more ideas than cash, and, well, maybe I am just a *smidge* tacky.  In the best possible way.  I still have my copy of Garden Junk, and I've taken to planting things in unusual containers. 

At my front porch, I've replaced the chipping terracotta pots beside my steps with new and old galvanized tubs from the farm supply store (for the new tubs) and the thrift/junk stores, or if I'm lucky, from the side of the road!

We're supposed to get some rain this evening, so I brought my asparagus fern/calibrichoa planter, a beat up, rusted out galvalized 2 gallon bucket down to catch some rain.  Over spring break I stayed at a friend's farm in Louisiana and found this clay drain pipe (marked with a Hattiesburg, MS industrial pottery stamp), outside a barn the family planned to tear down.  It came home with me.  I planted it (and the old dutch klompen) with chartreuse creeping jenny.

I have what is now a large collection of klompen- hung outside my front door, on my chicken coop, in the front porch, and this, my newest pair, is hung right at the front steps.  I planted it with this sedum that thrives no matter what.  Several years ago I tried planting my west-facing back door klompen with a lovely succulent collection, but the heat and my poor watering killed them all.

I saved my favorite garden junk container for last.  This kettle belonged to my husband's grandmother.  I grabbed it from the basement of house she lived in right before we sold it, not sure what I'd do with it, but it spoke to me and I didn't want to trash it.  When we built a picket fence around our front yard I punched the bottom full of holes and nailed it into a fence post.  In the winter I plant pansies in it, and the sedum is happy in the summer.  I'd love it if I could get some sedum to trail out of the spout, but so far, I haven't had luck.  I don't know what Gary thinks (or the neighbors, frankly, but as the other post is a 10 foot tall bottle tree. . . .), but it makes me happy to see it there every day!

What whimsical containers do you use in your garden? I hope you're having fun with your garden this summer!

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