Thursday, July 10, 2014

"Navette" of lavender

The lavender is in full bloom it's time to harvest it.
I want to share with you a way to keep your lavender and use it in your dresser or wardrobe to perfume your clothes. 
In France we call it "navettes de lavande".

This is what you'll need. 

4 feet of 5 mm colored ribbon ( it is generous but better have more than not enough ) 
Freshly cut lavender ( you can't use dried lavender the stem would break )
A little patience

The one I will make here is with 18 lavender stems. You will need an even amount of stems that paired would make an odd number.  For example, 18 stems = 9 pairs of 2.

You can also make them a lot bigger as long as it is still a multiple of 2, which paired make an odd number. 
Example 22, 26, 30 ...

You need to take the leaves of the stem and keep only the top flowers

Form a tight bouquet where the flowers starts.

Just at the bottom of the flowers you tight your ribbon and make a knot.

Then you gently fold the stem over the flowers to create a cage, sort of.
Be very gentle it could break the stem when you do it. 

Then you take your ribbon ( the tiny part from the knot should stay inside the "cage") 
And you start to weave the ribbon through the stems- 2 by 2. two stems over, 2 stems under, repeat.
Try to have the beginning pretty tight.

Here is how it should look.

Keep going until the flowers are encased. Make a knot.

And there is your "navette" of lavender 
ready to hang it in your wardrobe or you can also have it in decoration in a room.

Let me know how it goes !


  1. Oh, to have enough lavender to make this!! My lavender never had long enough stems.

  2. How lovely! Could you please tell me what kind of lavender this is?