Wednesday, July 16, 2014

harvesting potatoes from the garden & our favorite varieties

in our neck of the woods, it's potato harvesting time! 

we missed our window of opportunity for planting sweet potatoes (tis the farm life sometimes) so we're savoring our apples of the earth. 

early one evening, during the golden hour, we harvested our potatoes from the garden. we dug into the soil with our digging forks, sticking our fingers deep into the soil, & pulled out the most beautiful red & purple potatoes.

little chip & sweet ginger were happy to snack on the potato tops. nothing goes to waste around here!

we planted purple potatoes, red potatoes & russet potatoes. the russet variety was by far the most productive, but we were thrilled with the variety in color. 

sometimes color wins over productivity on the farm. gardening should be an experience that charms all of the senses, yes?

my handsome farmer grows some beautiful potatoes!

we harvested a big basket full of potatoes from our one row. we have been sharing them with farm customers & our neighbors. they're so delicious! 

luke has been thinly slicing them into chip-like size & roasting them in the oven with a bit of s&p, fresh garlic from the garden & olive oil.

during our garden harvest, we even found a little friend.

have you ever grown potatoes in your garden? what's your favorite variety?

- natalie


  1. this is the first year in many that I didn't plant potatoes and I've missed them!

  2. In 2011 we grew our standard 3 rows of red potatoes and harvested...........drum roll please, 200 lbs. Merciful Heavens!! Never before or since. It was great fun. We had a contest with the nieces and nephews to "guess" the weight. It was a really tough economical year for us and we ate potatoes quite a bit..............and thanked God for His dear provision. I once read of a lady who canned all the itty bitty ones. Would you believe she put them in her washing machine on a gentle agitate cycle to clean them????

  3. It's been a while, but one year we grew the Ozette variety and were quite pleased. I hope to grow more one day. I'd love to grow sweet potatoes too. Your little friend looks a bit peeved ; )