Wednesday, June 4, 2014

our patio herb garden

hello, there! i want to take you on a tour of our newest garden addition- our patio herb garden! 

our patio was already built when we moved into the farmhouse. the previous owners were avid gardeners & included this raised garden bed in their patio design. when we moved into our home last summer, huge sunflowers were growing in this space. they were so pretty, but i knew this little bed would be the perfect spot for our kitchen herbs.

you see, i have a hard time remembering to harvest herbs for dinner unless they're close to the kitchen. an onion with a bit of olive oil will be sautéing in the skillet & i will completely forget to add  minced fresh herbs. having our herb garden close to the kitchen makes it easy for me to run out & grab basil or thyme.

in our kitchen herb garden, i planted:

- oregano
- basil
- dill
- lemon balm
- thyme
- sage

of course, an herb garden wouldn't be complete without an old stump, some nasturtiums & a chicken feeder with succulents. 

are your herbs close to the kitchen? do you have them in pots on the patio or in your garden? i'd love to read where your herbs grow!

- natalie

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